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Welcome to Travel Plans, the newsletter and podcast I always wished existed.

Shortly after earning my pilot's license, I stumbled upon the term "£100 burger" (if you have never heard this expression, check the note at the end of this page).

But flying, for me, is about so much more than that. It's about:

  • Expanding horizons and the sheer thrill of freedom

  • Immersing myself in diverse cultures and unforgettable events

  • Connecting deeply with loved ones in extraordinary places

As a private pilot, my heart soars when I uncover hidden gems. Yet, the biggest challenge is deciding where to explore next.

That's where Travel Plans comes in.

Each month, we'll embark on a captivating journey together, discovering the best destinations across the UK and Europe. You'll get a window seat to:

  • Must-visit locations that will take your breath away

  • Authentic cultural experiences that will enrich your soul

  • Insider tips on where to eat, sleep and play

Think of Travel Plans with Fernando Pinho as your expertly curated guide to adventure, exploring the world and its history with a friend who navigates both the skies and the vibrant streets below.

Let this newsletter and immersive podcast be your trusted companion, sparking ideas for your next getaway.

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More about me

I’m a dad, husband and volunteer. I help those going through difficult times with all things transport.

Years ago, flying saved me. Literally. Being up in the air gave me a different perspective on our world and helped me find my way out of a tough period in my life.

Today, I’m a private pilot, and I fly my own general aviation aeroplane. I share that experience with my family and I help others when I can.

I run a small tiny charity. We are all volunteers, and since 2015, we’ve been helping children with cancer and their families travel to hospitals. So far, we’ve offered over 7,500 journeys.

But, what are £100 burgers?

In aviation circles, it's a lighthearted term for a short, leisurely flight taken simply for the joy of flying – perhaps to savor a meal at a charming airfield café or explore a nearby town. However, with the soaring cost of fuel these days, that £100 burger can easily turn into a £200+ indulgence! 🍔💸

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